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What is Cabinet Refacing?

Our specialized cabinet makeover, called cabinet refacing or resurfacing, transforms the look of a kitchen or bathroom for half the cost of new cabinets in just three days. We update your cabinets with fully customized doors, drawers, hinges, knobs, and pulls, and cover the sides with 1/4th inch solid Amish wood of any type or color— all without tearing out or replacing the cabinet boxes. Easily add features such as a garbage pullout, rollout shelves, tray dividers, and drawer boxes and heighten your cabinets by removing soffits. Cherrytree is a one-stop remodeling contractor who can expertly add an island, backsplash, or countertop to any project.

Proven Process

At 200+ kitchens and bathrooms a year, Cherrytree has the experience and process to execute your project perfectly the first time.


  • Free design & estimate with in-home samples
  • Plan layout changes
  • Choose wood, paint & countertop


  • Remove existing trim, doors & drawer fronts
  • Cover all sides of cabinets & panels with ¼ inch solid Amish wood
  • Install new solid Amish doors & drawer fronts. Apply new trim, molding & hardware


  • We ensure you’re satisfied with every detail
  • Enjoy your stunning new kitchen or bathroom!



Why Cherrytree?

Well-milled 1/4th inch Amish hardwood, as opposed to a thin veneer. All solid wood!

Reface or Remodel?

If you love your layout but not your cabinets, refacing is a great opportunity to transform your kitchen or bathroom without the price tag or the headache of lengthy project management and permit acquisition. Usually cabinets look outdated but are still structurally sound and don’t need to be gutted. Finished in just three days, as opposed to three to four weeks for a full remodel, refacing is non-disruptive to daily life. And we clean the work area each day, giving you full use of your cooking areas and plumbing in the evening. This gives you the chance for renovation without disrupting the day-to-day activities in your home.

1/4th inch hardwood, Amish Carpentry.
No veneer!

25 year warranty on the doors, panels, trim and workmanship.

1/2 The Cost

Look and quality of new cabinets at 50% the cost.

3 Days

Average 3 day process with little dust or tear out (frames stay put).

Door Styles

Full custom Amish doors with unlimited styles & options. If you don't see what you like, we will create it for you!

If you want to see what we can do for your home, call us today or click here to request your free estimate!

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